Will we ever see an increase in Quality Control for English Pokemon Cards?

First ever post! Hopefully this gives me a bit of blogging experience and motivation to keep doing this!

I consider myself a lifetime supporter of English Pokemon cards, but this is getting old. There was a point in time where I convinced myself it was going to get better but I find myself more and more jealous of the quality of foreign cards. Namely, Japanese and Chinese. Though I have even recently considered dabbling in Korean cards as well. I cant read them anyway, whats the difference?!


To be completely honest, I have even started tinkering with market analysis of other languages just to ensure that my cards will retain at least SOME value if i decide to start pursuing Chinese or maybe Korean Cards. Realistically, the Japanese Market in the US is too dense for Market values to stabilize so it is actually on the bottom of my list of transition languages because I would often rather pay more to have the English card in good condition than to pay more AND not be able to read it  :D.


This is super short, will be revised in the future with more videos added and more details on opinion and possibly other creators opinions as well. Please let me know what you think about this subject. Would you switch languages if the QC continues to get worse for English Sets?

Check out the Video below to get my take on Promo cards Quality Control!

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