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Goodra (197/264) [SWSH08] NM- EN-

Goodra (197/264) [SWSH08] NM- EN-

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  • Card Number: 197/264
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Type: Dragon
  • HP: 160
  • Stage: Stage 2
  • Card Text: Ability — Slimy Room
    As long as this Pokémon is in the Active Spot, whenever your opponent tries to attach an Energy card from their hand to a Pokémon, they must flip a coin. If tails, your opponent discards that Energy card instead of attaching it, and this doesn't use up their Energy attachment for the turn.
  • Attack 1: [WP] Buster Tail (120)
  • Weakness: None
  • Resistance: None
  • Retreat Cost: 3

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