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Simisage (005/182) [PAR] NM- EN-

Simisage (005/182) [PAR] NM- EN-

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  • Card Number: 005/182
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Card Type: Grass
  • HP: 100
  • Stage: Stage 1
  • Card Text: Ability — Monkey Trio
    If you have Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour in play, ignore all [C] in the attack cost of attacks this Pokémon’s uses.
  • Attack 1: [2G] Arm Thrust Needle (100)
    During your opponent’s next turn, prevent all damage done to this Pokémon by attacks from Pokémon that have an Ability (except any Simisage)
  • Weakness: Rx2
  • Resistance: None
  • Retreat Cost: 1

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